Which Flashcard Should I Buy ?

  • If you want a flashcart for playing DS games on your 3DS/N3DS(XL)/2DS/NDS/NDS Lite/DSi(XL), then either R4i SDHC 3DS RTS  or R4i Gold 3DS RTS is good choice for you.

  • Or if you want to play 3DS games on your 3DS/N3DS(XL)/2DS consoles with latest or lower System firmware(V9.x-V11.6.0-39), we would recommend the SKY3DS / SKY3DS+ cards.

  • You want to keep your 3DS/N3DS(XL)/2DS consoles at older firmware(V4.1-9.2) and meanwhile play OLD/NEW 3DS games ? Just go ahead and get the Gateway 3DS flashcart! —— Gateway 3DS now can support EmuNAND 11.2 with Public BETA 3.7.2!

  • Want to play GBA games on your GBA/GBA SP/ NDS/ NDS Lite ? Then you should buy an EZ-Flash IV flashcard.